Cotswolds in February

The first trip out in 2018 was to stay just outside Winchcombe at Hayles Fruit Farm. As you would expect at this time of year, there was plenty of choice as to where to pitch a campervan. The campsite was basic but it probably has the best showers that we’ve yet to experience on a campsite – loads of hot water and no button to keep pressing!! When you’ve just got back from a great walk and need to clean up and warm up, there’s nothing better.

The plan was to travel down on the Wednesday afternoon (check), walk on Thursday (check) and Friday (not really) and then set off home on Saturday (check).

Our walk on Thursday started from the centre of Winchcombe, a wonderful town, and climbed up to Belas Knap via the Winchcombe Way and Cotswold Way, and up on to Cleeve Common. Wow was it windy up there. The idea was to head towards Cleeve Cloud for the views before heading back picking up the Isbourne Way. Unfortunately we didn’t stay long on Cleeve Common due to the wind. As the day went on Sal’s bad knee started to give her some gip especially going downhill. When we got back to Winchcombe a cup of tea was definitely in order.

In the evening we ventured out to the Royal Oak at Gretton, a place we hadn’t been to for over 25 years. Really good food and atmosphere.

When we awoke the next day Sal’s knee was quite painful, so we ditched all ideas of going for another walk and headed to Cheltenham for a wander round and to explore old haunts.

Before we left on Saturday morning we went up to the Tea Room for breakfast. Whilst we were sat there, a woodpecker, who we’d heard earlier, came in to land on the bird feeder just outside of the window.

All in all though a good start to 2018.


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