Hope Valley – October 2017

This was supposed to be a three night trip staying at Laneside just outside of Hope. Due to Storm Brian we decided to make it two nights, as a day sat in the van whilst it piddles down outside is no fun!

The first stop was just north of Eyam where we parked up before setting off for a walk across Eyam Moor, down into Bretton Clough before climbing back up onto Eyam Moor for the walk back to Betty. Not the longest of walks at 4.5 miles, but definitely pretty wet going across Eyam Moor and then very muddy coming down to Bretton Brook and then as we walked parallel to Highlow Brook for a while. As a walk for a short afternoon it was ideal.

Off to Laneside. Due to poor planning on my behalf we booked late and therefore Laneside only had grass patches left. Not a problem unless Storm Brian has been through the day before! The wardens kindly found a couple of mats that we reversed over with the front wheels resting on. It was when they asked if we knew where the towing hitch was that set a few alarm bells ringing!

Up next morning and the weather forecast is saying mist and heavy rain. We can see the mist up on Lose Hill, but is there any rain coming? After a bit of discussion we set off, deciding that if it was going to rain then we’d have to deal with it!

Our route took us into Hope, and then a long climb to the top of Lose Hill. Along the way there was much swearing and grumpiness from Mrs M, but the smile when we reached the top was worth it. From here you pick up the Great Ridge – Lose Hill -> Black Tor -> Hollins Cross -> Mam Tor (the shivering mountain). It’s a really great walk but it’s also very popular. When we got to Mam Tor we dropped off via a grass path, down the side of the Tor onto the moraine at the bottom before picking up the former A road that was shut in 1979 due to subsidence. Finally across the (muddy) fields to Castleton and then back to Hope. Before we headed back to the campsite we stopped off for a well earned cup of tea at the Grasshopper Cafe in Hope, definitely a place to revisit. I also discovered that they do the best chocolate brownies.

From here a short walk back to the van and that feeling of satisfaction, before cleaning up after the day’s walk.

So did we need to be pulled off? Fortunately not as it had hardly rained since we arrived so the ground had firmed up and the mats did a great job.

Although it was a shortened trip this didn’t mean that it was any less enjoyable and definitely somewhere where we will go back, maybe at a time of year when there may be less rain.


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