Woodhall Spa – September 2017

There’s much of our home county to explore due to its size, and this weekend we ventured to Woodhall Spa. The main reason was that we wanted to be closeish to Lincoln and Woodhall Spa was somewhere where we haven’t been before.

The drive up was nice and easy, arriving jus under an hour after leaving home, without driving too hard. The basic plan for Friday evening was arrive, eat and then find a local pub for a beer or two. The first two were achieved quite easily, a really friendly welcome when we arrived at Petwood Caravan Park and we were quickly shown to our pitch. Sal cooked a Simply Foods meal and just as we were finishing off our Bang Bang Chicken  it started to rain. Oh well, 2 out of 3 successfully completed.

Up next morning, the now traditional breakfast burrito followed by a walk into Woodhall Spa. Its a nice little village/town with many buildings built in a Victorian/Edwardian style. As is also now becoming a tradition we have to find a coffee shop and settled for Kitchenetta.

We wandered back to the van, without too much of a plan for the rest of the day besides a trip to the Kinema in the woods later on. Not good planning really Richard!! Just as we were thinking about what to do we heard the noise of a Merlin aircraft engine, and swooping low over the campsite was a Lancaster bomber! It went by three times and on the last trip I managed to get myself sorted out to take a video.

After this brief piece of entertainment we decided to go for a walk, which turned into a sharpish 5 miler, round the lanes, back through the golf courses and past the Kinema where we picked up our pre-booked tickets. A peek inside revealed that it was a cinema foyer that I remember from 40 odd years ago.

When we walked up to Kinema a bit later it was clearly very popular as there were plenty of cars trying to find places to park. Quite quickly we were in and sat down. The auditorium is small, holding just over 200 people within the wooden building. I’m not going to do it justice, but the lighting is great, there is a curtain that rises when the film is about to start, and an intermission. During the intermission a Compton organ rises out of the stage complete with organist for intermission entertainment. img_0665Included in the entertainment is a self-playing piano and percussion. Absolutely fantastic. The film that we watched was OK, but the setting was something else.

Petwood Caravan Park has mixed reviews, but we thought that it was really good, friendly wardens, clean facilities, a good mix of tents, camper vans, motorhomes and caravans. It’s definitely somewhere where we’ll go again, if only to go an enjoy the Kinema again.



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