Wales – August 2017 – Llanidloes

When Betty departed Lincolnshire the weather was OK, the sun may not have been shining brightly but at least it wasn’t raining. That was until we got to Llandiloes. Checking in at the Red Kite Touring Park was really easy, and we were soon shown to our pitch, pitch 40, a great view over the valley on the front row. On the way to our pitch we got the impressions that each of the pitches were close to each other as in many instances the distance between some caravans and their awnings was relatively small.

Once we were plugged in and we’d popped up the roof, we had this great idea that we would put up our recently purchased windbreak. After some bent pegs and lots of laughing we decided to abandon this attempt. Only a few inches below the surface there is plenty of what we presume to be rock, and we couldn’t get our pegs in deep enough to be sure that they would hold the windbreak in place.

Settling down with a cup of tea and a book, we both heard a strange noise coming from somewhere near to us. It sounded like a blower, but who would be out at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon with blower? It wasn’t a blower, but the people in the next caravan hoovering their awning! Surely we should have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon that hoover awnings?

We woke up the next day, used the facilities which by the way are top notch, and then set off to Hafren Forest. The weather forecast was for rain later in the day so we decided to walk to the Source of the Severn before the rain arrived. The drive out to Hafren Forest was full of great views and scenery. From the car park it’s quite easy to pick up the route as there are white posts all the way. The walk sets off on the level, climbs up to awaterfall. All the time it has been seducing you into thinking that it’s a gentle climb up to the top.


Fools!! At this point it becomes more strenuous with plenty of uphill. You then arrive at a forest track before setting off on a boggy track to finally get to the Source of the Severn. The best bit is another 100 yards further on, with fantastic views over the Cambrian mountains.

The one good bit about walking up for four miles is that the return is all downhill. As we got back to the car it started to rain, great timing.

Back to the campsite for a bite to eat and a well earned glass of wine. The rain didn’t let up for quite a while, in fact when we woke up it was still raining.

Soon though the sun came out and we decided to go and investigate Lllanidloes. A lovely town, with lots of locally owned shops. In the afternoon as the sun was still out we popped off to Llyn Clywedog, a man made reservoir suppling water to the west midlands. There Sal spied a board showing a short walk around a peninsular. Yes the walk was short at just under 3 1/2 miles, but it didn’t say anything about the amount of climbing! As ever though, the views are worth the effort, and the views from the top of our unnamed peninsular were very good indeed. We think that we saw some ospreys above the reservoir calling to each other.

Back at the campsite we ended up BBQing under the tailgate on our last night at Red Kite.  In the night we could hear owls chatting with each other.

Off to St Davids


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