Lincolnshire Wolds – July 2017

This was a trip that I had been looking forward to for a long time, staying in the county, going to a ‘cool campsite’, and exploring somewhere new. We mostly achieved what we set out to experience, but….

We arrived on Friday evening at the Three Horseshoes in Goulceby and were soon exhibiting camper van smugness. Five minutes after arriving we had parked up, plugged in the electric, turned the gas on, popped the roof and were then in the bar having a pint!  There seemed to be a good mix of couples and families, tents, camper vans and caravans. The location was really good, all set for a great weekend!

Up early next morning to find somewhere to watch the final British and Irish Lions test. Our first choice was the local rugby club in Market Rasen, not too far away. We arrived to find an empty car park, clearly nothing on here. Now we headed to Louth hoping to find somewhere to watch the game and have breakfast. Finding somewhere to watch the game is clearly not our forte so we settled for a really good breakfast at the Auction House in Louth, whilst trying to follow the game on the BBC website. The food was excellent. Game drawn, breakfast finished, off to explore Louth.

Suffice to say it is somewhere we we will go and explore again. As we explored we came across some great places such as the Cheese Shop and Deli, Meridian Meats and Babbits. Now suitably stocked up for lunch we headed back to the campsite.

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the village, enjoying the gently rolling countryside and some sites along the way. Back at the van we sat and read for a while until getting ready to go and eat at the pub. We had noticed that the number of tents and groups was slowly increasing.

Not a bad meal at all, especially for the price and then back to the van. Various people had BBQs underway, and in some cases the smell of BBQ lighter fluid was pretty pungent, not sure how the burgers tasted!

Off to bed and fast asleep, woken just after 1am to the sound of 2-3 groups still chatting and listening to music. After half an hour it was clear that the group closest to us was still going strong, they weren’t loud but as there was less background noise their conversation and music was very clear. So, quickly throw some clothes on and go and ask them to be a bit quieter, especially considering the time of the night. Eventually they did go to bed but it was was probably closer to 3am than 1am by this time.

Enter Owen! A school group was camped the other side of the field and they were up at 7:30, except for Owen!! Various people were asking Owen to get up, with the voices getting louder and louder as he was trying to enjoy his Sunday lie in. They even managed to wake up the group who had been going until the early hours. Sod it! Sal and I agreed that the best thing to do was have a cup of tea, cook breakfast and then head off home.

The Lincolnshire Wolds is definitely an area that we will go back and visit, we may though chose a quieter campsite next time!


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